How it Works


Invictus REG prides itself on identifying strong rental markets in the United States. We go into these key markets and find quality communities and neighborhoods to locate properties that need renovations. Invictus has the properties inspected and then repaired with our licensed contractors updating and revitalizing the property to a new standard. Invictus then works with our Property Management partner to find the perfect tenant for the newly renovated property. Once the property is creating a residual income and the property management is in place the Invictus Turnkey Property is ready. Our buyers have the unique opportunity to purchase turnkey properties from us that provide stable and passive income with all the work already done.



Why Invest in Real Estate?

  1. Cash Flow
    Passive, stable income

  2. Capital Preservation
    Create income without removing value from the initial investment

  3. Appreciation
    Over time, property values can climb higher

  4. Hedge
    You can hedge against inflation because rents always rise with inflation

  5. Tax Benefits
    Consult with an accountant on your ability to depreciate the assets and write-off any expenses i.e.; Property tax, Insurance etc.


What is a turnkey property?

  1. A singly family home, not a condo/apartment

  2. A property that has already been identified and acquired

  3. A property that has been rehabbed with licensed contractors and restored to rent ready condition

  4. A tenant has been found and placed in the property making it a cash flow property day 1

  5. Property Management is in place, giving you an expert on your side to take care of everything

  6. It’s already generating a passive, residual income, with zero hassle



Real Estate is Safe and Stable

  1. Stable, consistent rental market

  2. Great return on Investment

  3. Stable economy with high quality renters

  4. Hands off passive investment

  5. Professional and experienced support



We've been laying the foundation and groundwork in Indianapolis for years, Forbes sees what we see.

“As a financial advising firm we are always looking for the best of the best by way of investments for our valued clients. Invictus Real Estate Group has been able to provide the key to our clients long term investment needs through their turnkey properties. Real Estate offers unparalleled safety and growth”
— Terrence Burner of Novus Wealth Solutions

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